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Huangjing Town, Taicang City


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公司简介/Company Profile





公司将承袭“齐心协力[qí xīn xié lì]、务虚创新”的团队精力,做强做大企业,尽力打造企业竞争新上风。ag网页版,一个强力、繁复、凝练隽永魅力品牌,正以他惊人的气概气派和执着的寻求,一步步走向化纤加弹行业绚烂光辉的今天!


Founded in May 2016 and as a chemical fiber enterprise full of vitality and passion, Jiangsu Solidarity Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huang Jing Town of Taicang City which is named as “the famous town for chemical fiber texturing in China”. Huang Jing Town features the long history of chemical fiber industry, convenient transportation and unique advantages brought by Taicang Port. Solidarity Fiber grows and develops quickly in Taicang—the enterprising land with great potential and becomes the benchmarking enterprise for chemical fiber texturing in the Taicang area.


Currently, the company is equipped with 32 advanced DTY equipment, state-of-the-art testing instrument and equipment as well as expert production and management team for the annual production of polyester yarn of more than 30000 tons. Our products are widely used in the fabrics for the circular machine, warp knitting machine, weft knitting machine, hydraulic loom, air jet loom, etc. with high and stable product quality which are highly praised by various customers.



Adhering to the teamwork spirit of “Collective Wisdom and Efforts, Practicability and Innovation”, we will try our best to make our enterprise stronger and larger, in this manner to spare no effort to create new competitive advantages. “Solidarity”, as a powerful, simple, concentrated, meaningful and charming brand, is stepping forward firmly to the bright future of the industry of chemical fiber texturing on the basis of its breathtaking courage and clinging ambition!